Heartily congratulations to all the students for passing their examinations successfully. We forward our sincere compliments for selecting our college for your prospective educational career.

In fact, like the Marathi proverb “ Pavati Sagli Karme Anti Dnyanat Purnata” our esteemed college administrated by Abhinav Bharat Shikshan Sanstha acts as a centre of culture.

First of all, students are expected to choose the stream according to their interests, inclination, and capability with the help and guidance of their parents, guardians, and teachers. Like the Sanskrit proverb “Nasti Vidyarthinah sukham” students should not run behind material pleasure but strive to perform their duty positively through humble actions, and for that honest hard work is sincerely expected from the very inception of educational life. Students should not only attend classes regularly but also discuss academic ideas with teachers to enlarge their knowledge of the subject.

In today’s challenging world, we try our level best to impart Indian values, Culture, High consciousness, and Responsibility apart from traditional academic activities. Our college strives to inculcate the ethics of self-reliance and self-discipline apart from the regular teaching and learning activities. We conduct numerous educational activities to develop physical, social, and psychological dimensions. To increase the quality of their education the students have to compulsorily participate in the monthly and semester-wise examinations, internal assessment examinations, seminars, group discussions, essay writing, paper reading, PPT presentations, etc. organized by professors of the college. For the overall development of the students and to make them aware of the social and national responsibilities the college is having NSS, NCC, Sports department, Cultural department, and specious library.

Students are expected to not create a nuisance on the college campus by breaking the rules. They should abide by the rules and regulations formulated by the college by observing discipline and decorum. The consumption and possession of narcotics and drugs like tobacco is strictly prohibited in the campus and vicinity. Students should not use mobile phones unnecessarily.

The active and constructive participation of parents and guardians is also expected to successfully execute the guidelines.

With Best Regards

Dr. S. V. Shivanikar